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Our Programs


Steps To Independence

Regain emotional stability
Learn the skills for financial well-being
Create healthy relationships and establish housing stability


We create a safe environment to support the transition from crisis to stability. Case managers help them determine individual goals, assess for immediate risks, provide immediate resources, and introduce help.


We teach our Adults and kids that being a part of a community develops strong and positive life skills through classes in personal growth, job readiness, and financial literacy and our kids' homework and HOPE Club. 


Practicing healthy actions for healthy outcomes. Connecting to resources, breaking through barriers and achieving their goals of getting a job, start a savings account, and finding secure housing. 


Practicing new behaviors of personal advocation, financial responsibility, and self-care. Securing permanent housing, connecting to our community partners for support and through the alumni mentor program.

Case Management

Our Case Management team works diligently to ensure that the time our clients spend at Operation HOPE-North County is filled with growth, connection, and education.

Youth Programs

We have three main Youth Programs that support the children who are staying at Operation HOPE-North County. As you can imagine, experiencing homelessness at any age is tough but we try and focus these programs on the needs of young people who are on their journey to independence.

Establishes a structured time for children to participate in inspiring activities within their age group. Activities range from individuals creative arts and crafts to recreational  team building activities. Kids HOPE Club is guided by our passionate youth programs team and dedicated volunteers. 

Addresses the educational gap present with many of our children through a strengths based approach by providing the tools necessary for the advancement of their academic success. 

Provides a safe environment dedicated to promoting self-expression and collaboration with fellow peers. We are committed to breaking the cycle of generational homelessness. 

Program Partners


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Our Program Partner's monthly donations are essential in supporting the skill-building classes and education that is essential to our parents, children and single women for long-term success.


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